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Our hands and feet are complex structures that perform hundreds of tasks every day – yet they are largely taken for granted. As for your nails; it takes 6 months for your fingernails to grow all the way from the root to the tip. So, keeping your hands flexible, the skin supple and the nails healthy are Essiential for long-term movement and maintaining a youthful appearance.

Didsbury Beauty Clinic provides all the care and nourishment you need for beautiful hands, feet and nails with their extensive range of manicures and pedicures using only the finest products – Nailtiques, Essie and Biosculpture.

Hand re-varnish £15
Nailtiques Manicure with Varnish £25
IBX Treatment £15
Luxury Pedicure £38
Bio Sculpture Colour Gel £30
French Gel Overlay £35